A Castle and Myth of Indian Gold in Michigan’s Thumb

There is a tale in some of the historic newspaper papers of Michigan’s Upper Thumb that speaks of Indian gold and a hermit who owned a bit of land around what was called Loosemore point. Hugh Loosemore kept to himself. He collected driftwood along the beach from ships that had broken up near the point and it was plentiful.

He started building what was described as a hotel-like structure along the shore. It supposedly had a ballroom and several floors. It must have reached impressive size as the locals began to call it Loosemore’s Castle. The site is also known to have hidden Michigan Indian gold.

Hugh Loosemore kept to himself. So the locals attributed all kinds of thoughts of what his story was. A fugitive? a pirate? To add to the mystery, it was widely thought that Loosemore’s property was a burial site of ancient Indian Inca gold. The legend of his creation along with a Michigan Indian tale of gold highlighted in a 1932 book with a poem called Loosemore’s Castle.

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