When gaming emerged in the late 1990s, the software was installed and played on PCs. The technology and demand for specific gaming form factors led to the development of consoles. Consoles offered developers more control in which to enhance the gaming experience. The advent of smartphones and the mobility that it provides has provided another platform to the gaming community.

The global gaming market is currently valued at more than $150 billion and is anticipated to continue to grow. Also, studies found that the global Covid pandemic also contributed to its growth as gamers stayed home in lockdowns and remote…

Supreme Court Judge from Michigan’s Thumb

Frank Murphy, the thirty-fifth governor of Michigan, was born in Harbor Beach, Michigan on April 13, 1890. His education was attained at the University of Michigan, where he earned his undergraduate degree in 1912, and his law degree in 1914. He later attended graduate classes at Trinity College in Dublin and at Lincoln’s Inn in London.

A Career of Service

Frank Murphy saw action in both World Wars, serving as a first lieutenant and later rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel. After his military service, he secured an appointment as first assistant U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan, a position he…

On the borders of Lake Huron, where its, waters dash up against the thickly wooded shores of the State of Michigan, is an inlet known as Saginaw Bay. Visit this inlet any time before the long winter sets in, and you will see the bay dotted over with innumerable small fishing-boats, whose white sails resemble so many graceful sea-gulls skimming over the water; in these boats are the fishermen dragging their nets for Mackinaw trout.

Hundreds support themselves in this way through the season when the lake and bay are free from ice; but a time soon comes when, for…

There is a tale in some of the historic newspaper papers of Michigan’s Upper Thumb that speaks of Indian gold and a hermit who owned a bit of land around what was called Loosemore point. Hugh Loosemore kept to himself. He collected driftwood along the beach from ships that had broken up near the point and it was plentiful.

He started building what was described as a hotel-like structure along the shore. It supposedly had a ballroom and several floors. It must have reached impressive size as the locals began to call it Loosemore’s Castle. …

Michigan Salt Blocks

The first successful attempt to manufacture salt in Michigan was made by the East Saginaw Salt Manufacturing Company in 1859. The success of this company led to the rapid development of the industry in the Saginaw Valley where the blocks were operated in connection with sawmills.

Flint Michigan Water Tower

In January 2016 Groups and individuals from all over the United States flew into Flint Bishop Airport or drove hours to donate their time and skills to alleviate the disaster of lead contamination with the Flint Water Crisis. For months, 1000’s of volunteers converged on this metropolitan area of 38,000 homes and 100,000 people. It was an amazing experience volunteering for the American Red Cross and I took it as an insightful opportunity to share the experience. Here is what I learned.

Come Prepared to Work, Anywhere Your Needed

I’ll admit that I’ve taken a liking to cruise. It must be the influence of having a sailboat that we have taken from port to port on Lake Huron. Great Lakes Cruising is making a comeback. Recently several cruise ships have announced routes and stops throughout the Great Lakes region. Currently, there are three cruise lines that cover the Great Lakes. Victory Cruise Lines, Great Lakes Cruise Company and Blount Small Ship Adventures. The Great Lakes Cruise Company has four ships that cover a wide range of ports and destinations. …

One of our favorite Michigan Upper Thumb history topics is the famous German Religious Colony of Ora Labora. This colony was located north of Bay Port. It operated from 1862 to 1867. It’s a fascinating topic, and it is one in which I’ve created many posts over the years.

The Story of Ora et Labora Year by Year

Ora et Labora — A Little Colony In the Wilderness — Part I — Ora Labora is known as the “Christian German Agricultural and Benevolent Society of Ora et Labora” (Pray and Work), where its parishioners could combine work with prayer and live according to the Methodist Church Discipline. …

A favorite tour for a motorcyclist is the State Highway Michigan M25. It’s a 147-mile road running from Port Huron to Bay City Michigan. With waters of Lake Huron or Saginaw Bay on one side and rolling pasture and farmland on the other, it’s one of the more interesting drives in southern Michigan.

Officially Michigan M25 is a state trunkline highway in the US state of Michigan. M-25 is part of the Lake Huron Circle Tour for its entire length.

Read the rest of Michigan M25: Ribbon Around the Thumb at thumbwind.com .

by Mike Hardy · Published February 9, 2017, · Updated February 28, 2019

In the months prior to World War II the major topic was the US’s stance on with our stated isolationist policy. Yet the war had not yet been declared and rationing was not even thought of. Large portions of M25 were now paved and this Michigan Scenic Highway was viewed as a tourist destination. Here is an interesting piece from the Huron Times in April 1940 highlighting the travel opportunities in the Thumb.

Step on the gas. We’re now in Harbor Beach, home of Supreme Court Justice…


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